What does God say?

Since entering the stage in life that moved me towards marriage, the conversations of dating, longing and wanting stirred up from singles I know. The doubts and insecurities about not dating filled my mind and my heart when I was in late high school / early college. It wasn't until God gave me a wake up call to what I should really be doing with my time, effort and energy that I felt comfortable with where I was at. Below are some resources that I view valuable to both the single and married. These have made me no expert, but they have given me a new kind of knowledge and confidence that I am able to rest in.

If this were a conversation and we were sitting face to face right now, I would tell you how loved you are by the One who created you. I would tell you that no one on this earth will be able to satisfy your deepest desires. That the sappy date nights on Instagram are not as fulfilling as they seem. And that one person who lifts you up will let you down. There is nothing wrong with you for being single; God is intentional with his timing.

I hope these resources give you a platform to confidently stand on. In the future, I am sure I will write more on what I have learned through others and my own marriage, but for now here are some of the best ways I have heard God's voice in this.

A Beautiful Design by Matt Chandler
The Village Church

Linked is the first video to a ten part series. This has to be one of my all time favorites and I have lost count of how many times I immersed myself in this. Rich with information and reassurance of who we are and our roles that God intended.

A Beautiful Design by Matt Chandler

A Beautiful Design – In the Beginning / September 6-7 God is the Creator of all things. His design for the universe is perfect and timeless. In Genesis 1, God creates everything—the heavens and earth, plants, animals, man and woman—in six days and rests on the seventh day.

The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller

"'Fear' in the Bible means to be overwhelmed, to be controlled by something. To fear the Lord is to be overwhelmed with wonder before the greatness of God and his love. It means that, because of his bright holiness and magnificent love, you find him 'fearfully beautiful'. That is why the more we experience God's grace and forgiveness, the more we experience a trembling awe and wonder before the greatness of all that he is and has done for us. Fearing him means bowing before him out of amazement at his glory and beauty." - Timothy Keller

Pages so packed you will read it over and over again. 

The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller

Swipe Right by Levi Lusko
Fresh Life

"You look no different to God the Father when you are crushing life as when you are being crushed by it. When he sees you, all he sees is Jesus." - Levi Lusko

In our weird "Swipe Right" dating culture, we forget what God had planned love and intimacy to be. A great reminder and a great hope for marriage.

Swipe Right by Levi Lusko

What Happy Couples Know by Andy Stanley
North Point Community Church

"Are you the person, the person you are looking for, is looking for?" - Andy Stanley

A series I was introduced to recently. On my way down to Georgia this past May I listened to all four messages and not once regretted it. 

A great marriage doesn't happen by accident. It requires care and regular maintenance. But sometimes we don't want to make the effort. As long as it's not broken, do we really need to talk about it?